Where to begin?

June 4, 2020

The three questions to answer
before asking the big one!

Our gorgeous couple, Connor and Maggie, and the moment she said “YES!”

There are three very important questions to ask yourself when searching for an engagement ring. Once you are clear on those, everything else is easy! We promise!

We at Marisa Perry work a little bit differently than most, we like to reverse engineer the process and operate with absolute transparency to ensure you get the most beautiful ring within exactly what you want to invest.

So, the three little questions before you ask her the big one!

Question One: Shape.

What shape of stone are you looking for? There are essentially 10 most popular shapes for center stones, they vary greatly, and each has its own unique character traits and charisma. So start by finding out what shape sets your heart alight?

If you are going in for the surprise and have no idea what we are talking about, here is a quick down-low on the main shapes and our take on them, MP Shapes Directory. (We will walk you through how to find the shape and setting style that they love, without giving anything away at the end of this blog! 😉 )

If doing this together as a couple, here is a link that will help get you started, but we highly recommend you come into the store, at your leisure, to explore in person! How to choose the Diamond Shape for you.


Nine of the most popular Diamond Shapes

Question Two: What setting style?

The setting is the most overlooked factor for men today, and the most valued priority of women! It’s a major mistake to overlook the setting in your search for an engagement ring, and here’s why.

Believe it or not, a rings setting attributes to at least 70% of the overall look. There are many beautiful diamonds out there in the world, but a major reason women fall in love with Marisa Perry rings is the setting.

Even the most exquisite diamond, if set with cumbersome prongs and poor craftsmanship, will be robbed of its life, brilliance, and fire.


Jewelers are a dime a dozen,
but craftsmen are few and far between.


So what setting style? A single solitaire? A Three-Sone ring? Do you like micro-pave? A halo setting? And what metal? Do you want it to sit flush to your wedding bands?

This is the second question to get clear on, and if that feels completely overwhelming, make an appointment and take the time to explore all the styles and try all of them on! It’s our pleasure to walk through all of these options with you and help you get clear on what you LOVE!

For those of you going for the surprise proposal, check out our R&D tips below on how to find all of this out without your lady knowing! Remember, what might save you a buck now, may cost you more in the long term having to re-set it, so take the time to do your research, and get her something she will be proud to wear forever.


One cut set in Seven different ways! All rings Marisa Perry.

And the third and final question,

3, What do you want to invest?

This sounds like an obvious question, but you’d be surprised how many are vague in what they want to invest in their ring. This is another way that we work differently. We don’t dictate the amount you want to invest, you do. So, where do you comfortably want to be?
From here we work backward and tailor your options exclusively to you, ensuring she gets the most beautiful ring possible, with the highest quality diamond on the market, without overstepping your comfort zone!
Need some help? Here is a quick read to help you figure out how much you should spend on an Engagement Ring.

So, braving the surprise proposal!
Time for some research and development…


It’s time for some groundwork and sleuthing to get you closer to your goal, and ultimately make a big decision MUCH easier! Here are a few tips to get you started in the process of going it alone!

  • Do they have any close friends or family who you can trust to keep your secret? Ask for their input, they might have mentioned things to friends or even shown them images, or more often than not, they’ve probably admired another close friend’s ring and tried it on. Besties prep for this and take each other’s notes, so phone a friend, this will be helpful advice!

  • Pinterest! This is the only time we will encourage a bit of snoopage! Most dreamers keep a Pinterest page and very few log out of it! Many start jewelry boards that they like, and often have a whole board devoted purely to engagement rings. If you are uncomfortable doing this, ask one of their friends to help you.

  • Are they following any jewelers on Instagram? Everyone has a unique style and taste, and this will be reflected in who they follow. Go to their Instagram profile from your account, and hit the “following” button on the top right, next to the profile photo. A quick scroll through, looking out for the word “jewelry” in the name, or a photo of something sparkly, may lead you to the designers and styles they admire.

  • Notice! Start noticing what your honey is mostly wearing, are they a gold or a platinum lover, do they only wear rose gold, or white, or a lot of yellow? What color is the watch? Everyday earrings and necklace? All these details are clues.
  • What are the friends doing? Have they commented on friend’s rings at all, and mentioned any that they like or dislike? Again, a best friend might have some intel on this if you trust them!
  • What existing rings do they wear on that finger? Even rings worn on other fingers can be a good gage of size, so take note of what they wear and where – and if you come in solo, try and smuggle one with you!

Once you are clear on the shape, setting style, and your ideal price range, we will pull in loose stones specifically for you, with a spectrum of options to meet your criteria.

Here is where the infamous Four C’s come in to play, but we will walk you through all of that, and explain everything thoroughly so that you know exactly what you are looking at, where you can save money, and feel confident in choosing your stone.

Our goal is to make this process as easy as possible, and a lot of fun too! Remember, this is one of the most exciting decisions you will ever make, and the most significant piece of jewelry you will ever give, so it should be a fun, exciting, and enjoyable process!

Please never hesitate to reach out with any questions you may have at [email protected], and feel free to pop into our West Village boutique for a glass of champagne at any time to explore our collection further!

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