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June 8, 2020

The Marisa Perry 101 on the

Top 10 shapes you need to know about.

Realistically, there are really only ten significant shapes in the “center stone” diamond vocabulary, and they all have characteristics and quirks that make them stand out. When choosing your perfect engagement ring, the shape is the first thing to get clear about, and we take the time to make sure you have tried on every shape to find out what really suits you and what you LOVE! Let’s face it, you are going to be looking at it for a very long time!

So here are the classic top ten:

Round brilliant: The quintessential diamond, the most classic shape for a traditional class act. It’s symmetrical and elegant, and has been cut to a science, making it the most brilliant and scintillating cut in the book! This is a timeless shape that will be a classic forever!

Oval: The Oval is always elegant, for a woman that steps away from the traditional round, but is still attracted to soft, curvy lines and feminine edges. Ovals tend to be more “spready”, which often means they look larger than their carat weight equal in a round – which is always a perk!

Cushion: The Hybrid. A cushion is a rounded square, and pleases she who likes geometry and appreciates a slightly unconventional shape, but doesn’t want to lose that plump softness, or the sparkle of the round. The straight edges are gently curved and the corners are rounded, with brilliant faceting for absolute sparkle!

Pear shape: This is the hottest shape in Paris right now and we are seeing a rise in its popularity in NYC! The pear is a contradiction of curves and angles, elongated and fascinatingly faceted, you really should try one on before you dismiss this bootylicious cut!

Emerald: Everyone has a place in their heart for the Emerald cut! An Art Deco Icon, the Emerald is typically a rectangle in shape, and has a parallel step-down faceting with clipped corners, giving the stone a broad table to admire the “hall of mirrors” effect within. This is a mesmerizing and very distinctive stone. We’ve won awards for some of our Emerald cut settings, ask to see them when you come in!

Asscher: The square Emerald cut, the Asscher is a characteristic class act! The Asscher Diamond was designed in the 1920’s, and carries that Gatsby era charisma. It’s a square design and is also step-cut like the Emerald, giving it a distinctly deco edge. A must see, just to appreciate the old-world craftsmanship!

Princess: Perfectly square. This is an entrancing cut, more intricately faceted than the Asscher, with precise sharp edges and clean pointed corners. This stone is well suited to a decisive and perhaps analytical type, it’s firm and distinctive, but undeniably enchanting!

Heart shape: Have a guess…. Yes, this one is exactly as it sounds, a delicate heart cut into the world’s most treasured stone. The heart is not for everyone, but we can’t help but love it for it’s romance and exquisitely intricate faceting!

Radiant: This is to the geometric family what a Round is to the curvy cuts. The quintessential shape with the most exquisite faceting, and maximum brilliance and fire! It needs to be seen to be understood!

Marquise: A curious shape that is having a revival! The marquise has a sisterhood with the Oval and the Pear, being an elongated shape with brilliant faceting, it is also what we call a “spready” stone, which means a lot of surface for the carat weight. A unique stone, it is both curvaceous and pointed all at once, and makes a striking engagement ring, and an absolutely breathtaking wedding band option!

In order to really figure out the stone shape for you, you have to see them, hold them, and try them on to see how each looks on your hand – you might be in for a surprise!

For a number of reasons, we advise against getting a stone online. It’s so important to always see a stone before investing in it, and if you have seen a stone you think you like, feel free to ask us about it, we always offer honest and neutral advice, we are in the business of seeing people happy! To learn more about online diamond shopping, check out our article on exactly that.

Reach out to us and schedule a free consultation where we will take the time to really show you all the shapes and their characteristics, and narrow down what is right for you!

Schedule a consultation with one of our team by calling 2125668977  or email us at [email protected]

We can’t wait to work with you!

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