Marisa Perry Atelier is a highly coveted destination for fine jewelry, specifically known for outstanding Engagement Rings, bespoke Wedding Bands, and high-end fashion jewelry.   Established in 2002, Marisa Perry Atelier quickly went from "Soho boutique" to an industry-renowned leader in the field - setting trends, leading by design, and winning award after award for a level of excellence seldom found in today's world of mass manufacture.

Every Marisa Perry piece is made in New York City by a team of master craftsmen and women, using only the finest materials with the utmost care. The brand has long been recognized as a stamp of superiority, never compromising on the quality and standards they are known for.   Passionate about service and the personal touch, the entire team at Marisa Perry strives to go above and beyond, working closely with each client to tailor their experience, put the client's needs above all else, and ensure the most outstanding product at the very best value.  

Marisa Perry herself: The company is headed up by Marisa Perry, co-founder and co-owner, alongside designer Douglas Elliott. French-American Marisa was born and raised in Los Angeles, California, and moved to New York City to pursue a career in fashion after graduating from L.A.'s Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising. As is so common in New York City, the lines between fashion and food blurred, and Marisa moved on to lead a successful career in gourmet food importing and marketing, working with top chefs and artisanal food producers worldwide.   Marisa met Douglas Elliott in 2001 and fell head over heels in love with the beauty of his designs, particularly his attention to detail, meticulous lines, and relentless finesse.  Marisa saw an opportunity to create a new venture bringing Douglas' exquisite diamond jewelry designs to the forefront. With a passion to re-invent the experience of luxury shopping, Marisa resolved to dissolve the stuffiness of 5th ave stores, and create an extension of ‘home’ - a warm and welcoming environment and a local neighborhood experience - but still offering 5th avenue quality products.

Designer Douglas Elliott: Douglas Elliott is a born and raised New Yorker with over 40 years of experience in the jewelry industry. When the two met in 2001, Douglas was designing a fashion-driven, semi-precious jewelry collection, Elliott, which was sold at Neiman Marcus and Saks Fifth Avenue, and privately owned jewelry stores nationwide.   As well as his popular fashion line, Douglas maintained a custom fine jewelry design business for private clients, for whom he created elaborate and ornate diamond pieces and diamond engagement rings. It was this top tier fine jewelry that they decided to focus on, and create a fusion of art and commerce, while re-writing the standards of “sales culture”, creating a dynamic, unified, “in it together” company culture.

Together, Marisa and Douglas launched Marisa Perry Atelier in 2002, fusing Marisa's warm and welcoming personality with Douglas' remarkable skill and quality. Since then, the company has gone from strength to strength, winning multiple awards, year on year, for Best Bridal, best design, and most innovative work.   Well-known, loved, and trusted by their clientele, Marisa Perry has created a unique business model of a superior product, delivered in an elegant but down-to-earth environment, with a devotion to service and lifetime care.   Devoted to transparency and quality, Marisa Perry Atelier promises to deliver the absolute most beautiful product, of the finest standards, at the best value possible. Refusing to mass-manufacture, outsource, or use synthetic lab-grown stones, Marisa Perry Atelier stands strong in the industry as trusted name of unwavering quality.  

Meet Our Team

Nesrine Hamati

  Nickname: LQ for Lebanese Queen, or The Prankster. Nesrine is our Store Director and was made a partner in 2018. An incredible gemologist, Nesrine was quite literally born and raised in the industry, having worked in the jewelry business since she was nine years old. Following a Bachelor’s degree at Michigan State University, Nesrine pursued a Gemology Degree at the world-renowned GIA - The Gemological Institute of America. Nesrine is incredibly knowledgeable and passionate about her work. With an acute eye for exceptional stones and a strong relationship with the world’s finest Diamantaires, Nesrine oversees and hand-picks the most exquisite stones for our clients. Personable, quick-witted, with an enormous heart, Nesrine enjoys working intimately with her clients and guiding them throughout the creation of their dream engagement rings. An adventurous spirit with a deep appreciation for her family and friends, Nesrine loves travel, culture, design, and her vivacious NYC life! Nesrine is of Lebanese descent, and grew up as a proud Michigander, opening her own shop in Traverse City, Michigan, at the brave age of 26. Spreading her wings to work in Monaco, she travelled between the Middle East and Europe, dressing celebrities and royalty in couture jewelry for private and red carpet events - such as the famous Cannes Film Festival. Finally, setting her sights on our little island of Manhattan, Nesrine joined the MP team in January of 2016 and is an absolute asset to our company - and all who get to work with her!

Meet Our Team

Rob Lebron

  Nickname: Dolce de Lèche. Rob is our Production manager and controls all of the manufacturing here at Marisa Perry. He meticulously oversees our special orders, custom designs, and repairs, enabling us to run a tight ship, excellent service and on time deliveries! Rob has worked for Marisa Perry for over 10 years. He is exceptionally organized and efficient, with an acute understanding of the industry - as well as a remarkable memory! An avid reader with a philosopher’s mind, Rob is also a big lover of music, adding flavor, charisma, and great energy to the store. Whether it’s hip hop, R&B, or the electric violin, Rob keeps us all on our toes, never missing a beat with his warmth, humor, and playful nature. A solid and dependable part of our team, he is also a devoted uncle to all of our shop pups!

Mila Khinskaia

  Nickname: Mistress of Masters, My-la, or The GOAT. (greatest of all time). Mila is a valuable asset to our sales team and clients! Of Russian descent, Mila grew up in Cherepovets, Russia, however, Mila’s hunger for knowledge has had her travel the world, with three Bachelor Degrees and a Masters to her name - each accomplished in a different country! Accomplishing a Bachelor’s degree in Management from the Russian Presidential Academy of National Economics and Public Administration, she then moved to Paris to obtain a second Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing from the l’ESLSCA Business School Paris. Uprooting again, Mila earned her third bachelor’s in Marketing and Management from California’s Concordia University, before returning to Europe and traveling south to Monaco, where she completed her Master’s in Branding and International Communications. Mila went on to work for Louis Vuitton and Avakian Haut Jewelry, leading both companies press-communications before moving to New York City, where she worked with emerging brands, helping them establish themselves in the eyes of the media. With an innate sense of rising trends and deep-rooted love of fashion, Mila quickly established a Rolodex of NYC’s fashion “who’s who”, being recognized for her genuine kindness and elegant character, she stands out as a breath of fresh air in the industry! Mila joined Marisa Perry in 2017, bringing culture, character, and style to our tight-knit team! Most importantly of all, she is an excellent God Mother to our young pup Oliver.

Jayne Moore

Nickname: Jayne of all trades. Jayne is part of our sales and marketing team here at Marisa Perry. Born and raised in the United Kingdom, it was her career as a high-fashion model that catapulted her to NYC at the tender age of 20. Signed by IMG Models, Jayne was lucky enough to travel the world, work with many of the industry greats, and make New York her home. Creative by nature, Jayne joined New York’s School of Visual Arts in 2008. It was here that she moved from Fine Art to Metal Smithing, and later to Lost-Wax Casting - which ultimately became her craft. It was on launching her own jewelry line in 2016 that Jayne first met with Marisa Perry and Douglas Elliott and a deep affection was ignited. With Marisa’s business guidance and Douglas’ vast experience, they became both friends and mentors to her. Jayne’s hands-on understanding of jewelry, and her kind and charming personality, made her the ideal candidate to join the MP team. A freelance writer, Jayne’s written work is where she paints with language, and she now brings a vibrancy of language to the MP marketing team, adding that British eloquence and relatability to the company’s copy.

Emily Facatselis

  Nickname: Sweetface, Em, and Emmy.   Emily grew up in Cold Spring Harbor. After graduation, she went to LIM College - Where Business Meets Fashion - majoring in Fashion Merchandising. As an exceptional artist, Emily decided to continue her education at MUD - The Make-Up Designory - fascinated by the art of make-up and theatrical expression. Obsessed with all things beauty and cosmetics, she started what became a successful blog, under the name of Glamvasion. Hand recruited by Marisa Perry, Emily now runs the @marisaperryatelier Instagram account and heads up our marketing team, managing all things social media and email marketing. With a sharp eye for photography and a mastery of post-production, Emily is a big part of the content curation of our marketing assets and graphic design features for both in-store and advertising purposes. All skills and talents aside, Emily is ever sweet, kind, and charming, and we would be lost without her!

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