Would you like a ring that is completely unique to you? Do you have several design elements that you wish to combine in one perfect unique piece and don’t know where to begin?

Let Marisa Perry’s designer, Douglas Elliott, Show you the way!

Marisa Perry offers custom design services at no charge to you.

We have a variety of beautiful jewelry in store and online. It is our mission to deck you out in Marisa Perry jewelry, so you will always shine and sparkle as much as the diamonds you wear! If you have a specific design in mind, don’t worry because we have got you covered. We are here to make your jewelry dreams come true!

Douglas Elliott’s designs capture the rare combination of classic and on trend in every piece he creates. With a focus on engagement rings and wedding bands, many seek out his exceptionally delicate settings. He creates low profile, sophisticated diamond rings, and exceptional necklaces, earrings, and bracelets too. With a fervent eye for proportion he builds every ring around the stone and the hand that will be wearing it. And with each necklace, earring or bracelet he considers the length, neckline and wrist on which the piece will be worn. If you want a lot of edge, and even more magic, Douglas Elliott is the designer for you.

During your design consultation, our team will discuss your design ideas, review any photos you may have, and show you samples of our existing designs that can be modified to reveal your individual style. We will walk you through the necessary steps towards your ideal design and discuss what size, shape, and carat weight of the stone(s) you are looking for. During your second appointment you will view the selection of stones that our gemologists procure just for you. Once you have found the perfect diamond or stone for you, the magic can begin!


The creation of your unique piece begins with Douglas and his team scanning your individual stone in order to get its exact measurements. Those measurements are used to make a 3D CAD rendering of your design. Once approved, Douglas and his team will make a precise model around your stone with the details you have discussed. Once your model is completed, Douglas will cast it into metal. He and his team will then start the workmanship on the piece, completely by hand.


Micro pave

Micro pave is the art of setting small diamonds into metal under a microscope. Our master stone setters drill tiny holes, calibrated to the size of every diamond, under a microscope. They then clean and prepare the metal for the stone setting. They then set every tiny diamond in the holes under the microscope and make little tiny prongs to hold in each individual stone. Our master stone setters set with precision only few can achieve. After the metal is complete and the diamonds are set, the ring is then polished. We then stamp the piece and verify that the metal is platinum or gold. We also stamp the ring with our signature logo.

Micro pave

Classic Diamond and stone setting

For the times we are making you diamond studs, three stone rings or other pieces which are not micro pave, we then set all of the stones, and hand polish the piece. Each piece will then be stamped and signed and be ready for pick up.

Classic Diamond and stone setting

Simply Metal

We also make by hand, metal pieces, which have no stones. We have a large array of wedding bands, cufflinks, necklaces and earrings, which are made completely of gold or platinum, which we also finish by hand.

Come on in or schedule an appointment to commence your custom jewelry piece!

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