How NOT to wear your Engagement Ring

June 18, 2020

The do’s and don’t of Diamond Care.


Believe it or not, there is a wrong way to wear your engagement ring – and we are not talking style or etiquette here, we are talking damage control!

Diamonds are the hardest stone in the world and there is very little chance of you breaking the actual stone, but it can happen, so treat it as the precious phenomenon that it is! If your ring is well made then the metal will both protect the stone and hold it in place. However, metal is still metal, it’s malleable, and there are things you might unwittingly do that can compromise your ring and the security of your stone!

So, a few DO NOT’s.

NEVER wear your rings in the gym! I know they sparkle wonderfully under those lights, and it’s nice to have something to stare at while planking, BUT, Kettle Bells, Rowing Machines, Free-weights… no no no no no! They can bend your ring out of shape, pop diamonds out of the band, and even crush some of the smaller stones.

Remove your rings when applying body lotion or foundation. These are number one culprits for gumming up the stone, they build up and dry, and really kill the color and sparkle of your diamond! (Temporarily, don’t worry, but why steal your stones sparkle?)

Try to take your rings off before showering, as bodywash, shampoo, and conditioner can all clog up the area around your stone, throwing cut, color, and clarity out the window as a result! It’s an easy clean, but you will save yourself the time by simply removing rings pre-shower.

Taking off your rings at bedtime is just good practice, natural oils build up when you sleep and rings can get tangled in your hair or sheets – we know this sounds absurd, but you wouldn’t believe the things we’ve seen happen! Statistically, bedtime is where damage is most frequently done.

Gardening. That’s just muddy business, and it’s a shame to spend on high clarity only to get dirt under your stone! While Marisa Perry admits that she does indeed garden in her rings… she concurs – doesn’t recommend it!

Be conscientious. New York City buildings can have some grand and heavy doors, and pulling the handle of a weighty door can be as fatal as swinging a kettlebell. Just being aware of these such things is enough to help you avoid these happenstances, and you will quickly learn to use the right-hand door 😉


Check your stone and settings. A gentle shake next to your ear will give you a good indication of the security of your stone. If it rattles, it’s time to pop in for some maintenance. Try not to spin/rotate your stone in the setting. If you notice your stone is turning, don’t aggravate it, again, pop in and see us and we will get it secured.

Clean your ring!
We will always clean your Marisa Perry jewelry for you, so stop in any day and we will do it on the spot, however, we recommend you clean your ring on the regular, as part of your weekly self-care ritual.

We have made that easy for you with our quick cleaning guide, designed for at-home care, and if you want to create that “just left the store” sparkle, we have created the perfect kit to do so, with an in-home solution, and travel polishing pen for those weekends away and summers on the Amalfi! It’s $24 bucks and worth every penny!

The cleaning kit!

How to clean your engagement ring at home.

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