Marisa Perry’s Brite Me Ring Cleaner


We have created our very own cleaning kit with your at-home and travel needs in mind! Everyday life can quickly dull the brilliance of your jewelry’s sparkle as soap, lotions, and natural body oils can build up under the stone, attract dirt, and block light from entering and making your rings sparkle!

We will always clean your Marisa Perry Jewelry for you, so feel free to pop in any time, but we have created a neat little kit with your at home and travel needs in mind, so you can have that “just left the store” look, anywhere, any time!

Our Brite Me solution is incredible, it breaks down oils and grime, and coats your stone in a micro protective layer, to keep it cleaner for longer.

We have packaged this up in an all-purpose kit, which features 1 foaming pump bottle of our solution, a travel-sized version with a pen style applicator, and a long bristle brush with soft tapered bristles to get in all the right places.

For a quick cleaning guide:

1, Make sure your drain is plugged closed in your sink, and fill it up a little way with warm water. If the sink makes you feel uneasy, fill a large mug instead. That will work just fine! 

2, Submerge your ring in the water and give it an initial scrub with the soft toothbrush – not a hard scrub, but gently work the bristles into the gaps under the stone in circular motions. This will loosen up any of the dirt and grease. 

3, Putting a pump of the foam onto the toothbrush, go back in and scrub underneath and around the stone, really working into all the nooks and gaps of the settings detailing. Don’t worry, you won’t hurt your diamond! It’s been in molten mantle, taken a billion years of extreme pressure, and survived a volcanic eruption! Do be conscientious of the prongs thought. While they will be well set and meticulously finished flush to the stone, metal is malleable, so soft but firm circular brushing is perfect. 

4, Continue this action as you re-submerge the stone under the water and clear off the bubbles. Take a quick study of the stone, are there any areas still congested? If so, add another pump of the solution, and go in again with the foamy toothbrush. 

5, Now run your ring under warm water and pat it dry with a paper towel. Et voila!