What if you can have it all?

June 30, 2020

We believe you can.

Unbeaten on cost, unrivaled on craftsmanship. It’s what sets us apart from every other jeweler.

We decided to get straight to the point and explain what makes our M.O. so very different, and that yes, we believe you can have it all.

Money talks.

We hate to talk about money, but the hard fact is, we need to! You are a smart, well-researched consumer, and money matters! This is a significant purchase and a substantial investment – but it’s also one you only get to make once!

We’ve made it our business to help you get that right by being the hybrid between exceptional prices, superior quality, and craftsmanship equal to, if not greater than, the industry’s most prestigious names.

We believe that you can have it all, and have banked our business on it! We are extremely competitive on pricing, so don’t let that concern cheapen the quality of the choice that you make!

Exquisite Craftsmanship
A difference she’ll notice every single day.

It’s the most overlooked factor for men today, and the most valued priority of women! Believe it or not, a rings setting attributes to at least 70% of the overall look. There are beautiful diamonds all over this city, but a major reason women fall in love with Marisa Perry rings is the setting.

Even the most exquisite diamond, if set with cumbersome prongs and poor craftsmanship, will be robbed of its life, brilliance, and fire. Jewelers are a dime a dozen. Craftsmen are few and far between.

Douglas Elliott designs for the modern and sophisticated New York Woman and has developed the most elegant lines, fine prongs, and low profile settings on the market. Our micro-pave is globally renowned, with every stone handset under a microscope by our master jewelers. The difference is unmissable.

What may save you a buck now, may cost you more in the long term. Get her something she will be proud to own and wear forever.

Absolute Transparency = peace of mind.

Our operation here at Marisa Perry is entirely transparent – from start to finish. We work solely within what you want to invest. Your top-line is our top-line, and we work closely with you every step of the process, training your eye, and providing you with options. By the time you are finished, you will be well educated on the entire process and know how to source the best stone within your price range. Our goal is to take the mystery and fear out of the diamond selecting process, without removing the romance of this very special experience.

Trust is everything to us. From source to certificate, we only work with responsible site holders and GIA certified Diamonds, ensuring you have full clarity and control over your purchasing decisions – and the paperwork to match!

Your style, your way.

Express yourself and your love! No two people are ever the same, and that’s why we have created a service bespoke to you! We will walk you through our entire collection, demonstrating what is possible and what makes our pieces stand out from the rest, and then work with you to create your own unique piece!

With every single ring made exclusively for you, you get to have it your way and know that your signature piece is a hand-designed, one of a kind!

We create every piece from the ground up, with your chosen center stone at the heart of our precision. Using 3D scanning and CAD technology, we design your piece custom to your individual stone – resulting in a perfect fit, and a strong, durable, and breathtakingly beautiful ring.
Too many times jewelers will set stones in a pre-made, generic, and mass-produced setting, and those results will always speak for themselves. Many do CAD, yes, but very few create an entirely new ring, bespoke to each and every individual stone.

Use our expertise!
We empower you with our knowledge!

You’ll quickly see that we at Marisa Perry work a little differently than most. There is a reason we are so highly reviewed, and that our clients become lifelong customers and friends. We work one-to-one with you, giving you full access to our insight and knowledge – helping you make the right decisions and figure out what is right for YOU!
We build your eye to identify what matters to you most and help you to avoid making very costly mistakes by spending unnecessarily, on aspects you can not see.

From Source to Certificate

We refuse to work with conflict diamonds. We work with a select group of diamantaires renowned for the finest cut stones, and highly reputed for their ethics and integrity. We believe exceptional quality should never come at the cost of another’s quality of life and have made this a powerful part of our practice.

Rest assured, we at Marisa Perry also never accept, or work with, lab-created diamonds. Any stone purchased through Marisa Perry is a true diamond – one of Earth’s most exquisite wonders – between 1-3.5 billion years old. There are many synthetics floating around the industry at present, with counterfeit certificates, so we are scrupulous in the acquisition of ours and work closely with the GIA for your guarantee and protection.

A Lifetime of service and support
– instantly accessible.

When caught up in the moment, few stop to think about life beyond the “YES!”. While we take great pride in providing you with an extraordinary ring, we are also in this for the long game, and stand by you and our work for the lifetime of your love story!

Our clients quickly become family, and we invite you, at any time, to stop by and catch up, clean your rings, and have them serviced. Life happens, and so do mishaps, but we are always here to support you and your bespoke pieces throughout!
Be it repairs or reinvention, we will always be here for your jewelry needs, and because everything is made right here, in New York City, our service is expedited!

Make your experience count.

This is one of the most important and romantic decisions in your life, and we make sure your entire experience echoes that. Whether you are going it alone for a surprise or working together as a couple to design your ring, we will make sure it’s an experience you will never forget. We don’t cater to the masses, we cater to the extraordinary, and weave your unique story into ours.

All of this aside, we are also a really close-knit, fun, family company, and pride ourselves on our open attitude and warm atmosphere. We are dispelling the anxiety around engagement ring shopping and choosing your diamond, and aim to make this fun and exciting for you – as it should be! We are a very human, personable, and friendly team. Stop by and say hi!

There is a long life beyond “I do”, and where you bring your girl for resizing, wedding bands, cleaning, and repairs is all part of that magical experience that ties back into that one special moment. Why have that be a back room on 47th street, when our elegant and friendly west village boutique can become your “local jeweler”, at absolutely no extra expense for the experience.

Schedule an appointment or pop in for a glass of bubbly, and see why we are so highly rated and regarded. We look forward to meeting you!

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