Wedding Band Hunting 101

June 13, 2020

You found your perfect match,

now let’s find your rings!

So it’s all systems go! You’ve said yes to your hubby to be, you are staring at your gorgeous engagement ring every day, and probably putting all the pieces in place for the big day! It’s now time to think about wedding bands.

While the engagement ring seems to get all the press, it’s going to be the hardworking wedding band that you end up wearing the most, and as the ring that signifies the moment you say “I do”, we rank it right up there as the second most important piece of jewelry you will ever own!

So where to start? It’s important to find a ring that both compliments your engagement ring and that you love when worn alone, as well as fitting in with your lifestyle and the demands of your hands!

We have 6 easy tips to help you hone in on your choices, and whenever you are ready come into the store! We have a full collection for you to explore, from the minimal to the Avant guard, traditional to the vintage-inspired to the very latest in style.

1. Start earlier than you think!

Allow plenty of time, both for the choosing, and the making of your rings.
Too many couples leave their wedding rings to last minute, as their wedding feels months away and they think they have plenty of time, but typically, everything speeds up and before they know it, they are on the clock! So we recommend you start the wedding band shopping three to four months before your big day. This gives you time to figure out what you really want, and get it checked off the list early with some breathing room to spare!

2. Wear your engagement ring.

Sounds silly, we know, but it’s important you come in with your engagement ring when shopping for bands, because even if you have decided to wear them on different fingers, it’s still important that you LOVE how they look together, and you’d be surprised how your setting style and center stone can influence the aesthetics of your band.

3. Break some rules.

Like matching. Don’t get too hung up on the idea of matching rings or stone shapes, it’s all about complimenting, and that’s what we do best! Pop in with your engagement ring and join us for a glass of bubbly, and we will walk you through the collection, pulling out rings that will compliment your ring and your hands. Sometimes it’s not always what you’d expect, and we love showing you the options of what’s possible, and where you have room to create.

4. Keep your lifestyle in mind.

Your wedding ring is most likely going to be the band that fares all weathers with you and sees adventurous travel, beach days, dog walks, and kid wrangling – and all the times when your big sparkler is left safely at home. So, note what your lifestyle demands and take that into consideration. And yes, sometimes, that will mean you need two!

5. The his to hers.

Again, matching. Some couples love to have matching bands, and that is a beautiful thing! We have a whole collection that can be matched in color, shape, and finish to create the perfect custom paring, however, if this isn’t for you, no worries! Most couples don’t match their bands. Usually, women want diamonds and men do not (however, our designer Douglas Elliott rocks several diamond bands, so gentlemen, if you want diamonds, you do diamonds!)  This is your band! It’s your relationship, your commitment, your wedding, and your way!


And finally,

6, Fear not! There are always stacks!

If you are torn between rings or want a ring that doesn’t suit your engagement ring, or you want to mix metals or brave another gemstones color, relax, there are always stacks, and it’s become increasingly popular to layer up your rings along with your love story. There will be anniversaries, there will be birthdays, and there might be babes in your future, so there is always time to build out your look and spill over onto the other hand. We are here to help you find your style and create a look that you love, starting with that very first ring. Call or email today to make an appointment, and we look forward to experimenting with you!

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