Threaded Diamond Drop Necklace



Part of a brand new, limited collection, these threaded dainty diamonds drop-hang and plunge south, finished off with a striking Pear Shaped Diamond. Completely setting free, the stones are fully exposed, suspended on white gold thread for freedom of movement and the most elegant finish. The chain is fully adjustable on with a sliding bead clasp, up to 18”. Designed to move with your body, these stones catch the light and sparkle with every step. 

Due to the craftsmanship and the time each piece takes to make, we have a limited supply. 

We currently have two available, one in White Gold and one in Rose Gold.

The White Gold features .69 carat weight in round diamonds and a .31 carat Pear shaped Diamond. 

The Rose Gold features .69 carat weight in round diamonds, and a .33 carat Pear shaped diamond.