The same mistake too many men make!

May 26, 2020

The same way your location can make or break a beautiful home,

so can a setting make or break a beautiful stone!


When it comes to a Diamond, it’s all about LIGHT! How light enters the stone, how the stone it captures, reflects and refracts it, and how it brings a stone to life! You can have the most extraordinary diamond, but if it is shrouded in thick metal or clunky prongs, you are going to kill its light, and the entire rings appeal.

We have made this our strength, and have proudly developed the finest lines in the game, with slim silhouettes and elegant prongs, to make sure your stone is flooded with light and illuminated from within – getting all the glory it deserves! We want you to have a ring that you are proud to own and see her wear forever.

So what do we do differently?!

Well, quite a few things! It starts from the moment you walk in the door, as unlike many of our peers in the game, we work incredibly personally with all of our clients, working within your ideal price range to show you the most beautiful stones on the market at no extra cost to you. That’s the first major difference. We can not be rivaled on Diamond pricing, however, we work with the very best Diamantaires and master diamond cutters in the game, so our stones sparkle above and beyond the rest!

The magic is in our settings.

Did you know, the setting is the most overlooked factor with men today, and the most valued priority of women! Believe it or not, a rings setting attributes to at least 70% of the overall look, so it’s a fatal mistake to overlook the setting’s importance in your search for an engagement ring.

This is our defining difference. Our exquisite craftsmanship is on par with the likes of Cartier and Graff, with every piece made right here in New York City by our Master Jewelers, however, we are a direct to consumer family business, allowing us to avoid the 5-8X mark-ups of the industry giants, and offer you a 5th Avenue product, without 5th Avenue overheads.

It gets better. In addition to working with the most beautiful stones, we ensure that every single setting we make is custom-designed around the specific stone it’s intended for. We don’t use ready-made settings that we put your stone in to – as many jewelers do. Most often, we use the very latest technology to make a 3D scan of each individual stone, and using CAD, we design the setting specific to the stone’s dimensions, allowing us to make a setting perfect to the micro-millimeter!

Why? Well, this allows us to get the finest lines in the business, the slimmest yet strongest prongs, and the most precise setting possible.

Choosing your ring and your jeweler is a major decision, we know this, but it’s a decision you make once. Choosing a setting of the highest quality with the most beautiful finish will take the stone you choose to a whole new level, and it’s something she will look at, every single day, for the rest of your lives!

We are New York City based and open seven days a week, so we are here for you if you have any queries or concerns, and can handle any alterations or repairs immediately, with a turn around of days – not weeks – like the many companies that have to ship it out.

We are predominantly a referral business, and there is a reason our clients choose Marisa Perry, come back year after year, become lifelong friends AND refer us to their family and friends! If in doubt, please take the time to read our Google reviews.


Let us show you what sets us apart from the rest. Request a free consultation with a member of our team, or pop in for a glass of bubbly and take a tour of what we do best!

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