Serena Blue Sapphire Earrings by Jayne Moore

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An absolute one-of-a-kind, there will only be one Serena. 

What makes these earrings so remarkable is the unconventional way the stones stack up and fold over one another, protruding and wrapping around the subtly curved body of the earrings, with stones visible from the front and both sides, in a contemporary, full-bodied setting.

Hand-made and cast in place, these earrings feature mixed hues of Blue Sapphire, from a rich royal blue to a teal green blue, to pale pastel blues. Each stone is hand set in molten wax, letting the heat lead and the stones fill the space, clustering and climbing up towards the ear. 

A feat of design and manufacture, each earring is unique to the other, and no pair is ever the same. Always cast in recycled metals, hand-made in New York City. 

Approximately 2.1 carats in total Sapphire weight, cast in 14k White Gold, these earrings measure 13mm high by 4 and 4.7mm wide and have a gentle curve.

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