Rita – Pink & Purple Sapphire Earrings | Jayne Moore

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Two-part earrings featuring 3.17 carats total weight of these rare, pink and purple Princess cut and Emerald cut Sapphires, organically arranged and cast in molten 18kt Rose Gold.

These stones were sourced from star cutter, Caleb Quashen, and certified sustainably and responsibly sourced.

These earrings can be worn two ways: as just the single stud, featuring two Emerald cut Sapphires set parallel and held in place with chubby rose gold beads, or with the drop-down piece, which affixes behind the ear, sliding comfortably onto the post, secured by a classic butterfly back. The dropdown nestles just below the lobe, wrapping and hugging the underside of the ear, disconnected from the stud but completing the look. The drop-down pieces can also be worn with other style studs to mix and match your look.

These earrings demand a second look, so unique in their fit and originality of design.

Cast in place, these earrings are a one-off piece, and will not be repeated. As with most of Jayne Moore’s work, the model is destroyed in the making, meaning it is an absolute one-of-a-kind. Comes with the original signed sketch.

This pair is available and ready to ship.

Handmade in NYC.

Ships In: This piece is custom made and will take 3-5 weeks to create. Item will ship upon completion. Please email [email protected] for any special custom requests regarding this item.