Madagascan Parti Sapphire Bonnie Necklace, cast not set, in Rose Gold


An extraordinary blend of colors, Bonnie features 5 Princess cut Madagascan Parti Sapphires, sustainably sourced and cut to exquisite sparkle by artisan cutter, Caleb Quashen.
For those of you new to the term “Parti Sapphire”, it is a very rare and extraordinary, natural occurrence where two or three colors are visible in a Sapphire due to the mixed minerals – or trace elements – present inside the stone as the crystal is forming. It’s chemistry at its most beautiful!
Parti Sapphires cannot be manufactured, so you’re assured of natural, very precious, distinctly unique stones when you choose this type of Sapphire. These stones are an aquatic blue, phasing from deeper hues with hints of teal, to a light, crisp, crystalline blue – evoking the best of Mediterranean coastlines. Cast in 18k recycled and refined Rose Gold to really set off the blue of the Sapphires.
Hung on our signature diamond-cut cable chain, the sparkle runs from clasp to clasp, shimmering with every step. This chain is 14kt for extra durability, however, the color change is not discernable. A 18″ chain with adjustable links at 17 and 16 inches.
This piece will look especially stunning on sun kissed skin tones!
A one of a kind, when it’s gone, it’s gone.
Hand made in NYC. Responsibly sourced, artisan crafted, exploitation free.

Ships In: This piece is custom made and will take 3-5 weeks to create. Item will ship upon completion. Please email [email protected] for any special custom requests regarding this item.