How to choose the Diamond Shape for you

June 8, 2020

Does this Diamond make me look fat?

It sounds silly, right? That the shape of a diamond could look good or bad on someone? Surely, a big beautiful diamond looks gorgeous no matter what? But just like the cut of a pair of jeans can be very flattering – or not so much – so can the shape of a stone be… or not be, on different hands.

An engagement ring is perhaps the most important and valuable accessory you will ever own, but it is an accessory nonetheless, and like any other adornment to your style, it should light you up and make your hand look beautiful! Our designer, Douglas Elliott, always emphasizes that it’s important women take this into consideration when exploring their engagement ring options.

So what will look the most beautiful on you?



Well, as a general rule, you want your stone to mirror the shape of your hand for the most flattering effect. So hands with long and slim fingers will naturally suit more elongated stones – the stone taking up more of the finger, while still having plenty of finger left exposed. A shorter wider finger may be at a disadvantage with an elongated stone, as the length will take up too much real estate, making the finger look even shorter.

A smaller hand will suit a stone that compliments the shape of the hand and adds some softness, like the classic round or a square cushion cut.

For a wider hand, or very square-shaped hand, try on some more geometric cuts, and even square cuts, like a squared radiant, Asscher, or Square Emerald Cut. Even a Cushion can look fantastic on a wider palm, as will the tried and true classic Round Brilliant cut.

Wider fingers generally suit wider coverage, so three-stone settings or elongated stones set east to west can be a really beautiful option.

Oval Three Stone Ring with Pear side-stones, coupled with the Oval Eternity Band and a Contour Micro-Pave band.


There are a few stones that will surprise you, like a Pear for example, or an Oval set in a three-stone setting, these profiles have a unique effect on the hand, so even if you would never dream of certain shapes, it can be worth daring to explore them, and at least try one on!

We always recommend that women take the time to try on every shape, and for that reason we keep every shape here in our West Village Boutique, shown in different settings and different carat weights, so you can really try on everything and deduce what makes you look and feel your most beautiful.

If you aren’t familiar with the various shapes available to you, have a little look at our Shape Directory for a helpful low down on every cut and curve, and what makes them special. Feel free to pop in and visit us any time you like, we are right on the cusp of where the West Village meets the Meatpacking District on Hudson and Horatio, and it would be our pleasure to walk you through all the different shapes and setting styles, all over a glass of champagne!

Shape Directory

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