How much should you spend on an Engagement Ring?

June 4, 2020

Tackling the taboo,

and myth-busting while at it!

This is both an obvious, and not so obvious question to tackle.

It’s one of the most important questions we ask our clients to get clear on, as everything falls into place after that and once we know your comfort zone, we can make your life a whole lot easier!

There are a lot of myths and misconceptions out there, and while we enjoy the banter that comes with those – like the “half a carat for every year that someone has waited” – when we meet couples that have been together for 14 years, for example! Most of them, however, are outdated and irrelevant to modern-day couples. So let’s talk about it!

The price range is important – in both directions.


An engagement ring is going to be the single most important piece of jewelry you will ever buy, and the most significant ring she will ever own. This is going to be something that she stares at, quite literally every day, for the rest of your lives. She is going to be smitten with it, and it’s going to catch her eye during her every activity, so it’s something you want to get right –  no pressure, right?

However, do not compromise your financial situation by stretching for an engagement ring that is far too uncomfortable for you. If a price tag is going to impact your lifestyle and add to your daily stress levels, then don’t even go there, it’s not worth it! Financial stress is far more likely to put a strain on a future marriage than half a carat less will.

Our job is to make sure she gets the absolute most beautiful ring possible while keeping you comfortably within your price range!



Don’t get hung up on the old school rules of “three months of your salary.” It’s a popular myth created by marketers back in the day, and while that might work for you and provide a good number, everyone’s financial situation is different, and that doesn’t take into consideration your take-home after taxes, any student loans you might be stuck with, or a nice little cushion you’ve been tucking away for exactly this reason, so it’s far more important that you take an honest look at your own reality, and find the compromise of “how far can I push to get her something she is going to be proud to own, without putting our financial lives in jeopardy?”


“How far can I push to get her something she is going to be proud to own,

without putting our financial lives in jeopardy?”

Inside intel:

Now, we know better than anyone that some women already have their own hopes and expectations, and getting to the root of those will help you allocate a budget. Some couples enjoy doing the whole process together, but if you are doing it by yourself, it can help to secretly ask her close friends, her sister, or mother perhaps (if you can’t trust them not to spill!) if she has made any comments about a ring or shown any interest in any of theirs. Girls will often try on their friend’s rings and start looking at designs independently, so there is a good chance there will be an insider with the scoop.
Pin it down: Also, have a look and see if she is active on Pinterest, many women will start a board exclusively to pin rings that they like. Knowing a few things like what stone shape she leans towards, what metal color she prefers, and setting styles that appeal to her will help you enormously.

Tap data from the best-friend unit!

Our team is your team!

Come and chat with us! We are absolutely on your side and have built our business on helping people through exactly these decisions. It is not in our interest to push you outside your comfort zone, as we know that trust, transparency, and comfort make a lifelong customer, so give us a call, pop into the store, or email a member of our team at [email protected], and lay it all out.


Spoiler alert!

We may already know what she loves! Quite often women will come in with their girlfriends who are already going through the process and actively looking, and they will find themselves exploring the collection and trying things on for themselves… and this is when they often fall head over heels with one or two designs. When this happens we actually make notes for them and build them a personal profile, with this very moment in mind. So, while it may surprise you if your girl has done some groundwork, it’s incredibly common, and could well be very helpful!

Last of all, once you have an idea of what you would like to spend, shop smart. There are several ways to shop for your ring that can save you money without compromising on the beauty of the finished ring! This is exactly what we will show you, COMPLETE build your confidence in, and help you leverage, helping you avoid costly mistakes when shopping for your ring. Finding the right stone and the right jeweler is quintessential – so call or email us today, and let us show you why we are so often referred, and so well trusted!

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