Four ways to emphasize a center stone

June 29, 2020

When more is simply more!


It’s not just down to the carat weight to create the dimension in an engagement ring, the setting plays an enormous role in the overall appearance. Some stone shapes are what we call “more spready”, like Ovals and Pears for example, and others naturally run a little deeper, like Emerald cut and Asscher cuts, and it’s that depth that creates the stunning “hall of mirrors” effect within.

It’s no secret that quality diamonds are a significant investment, and you may choose to invest in a higher color or clarity than the extra size, or perhaps have a family stone that you are fortunate enough to inherit. Either way, sometimes you may want to… enhance, or embellish your stone a little, to play on scale and add dimension. Whether its subtly or significantly, there are settings that do exactly this, so let us show you how!

1, Easy does it.

Our Ali setting is a feat of engineering. A little more than diamonds on the basket, but a little less than a conventional halo, the Allie setting features an ultra-fine micro-pave basket, tucked in beneath the circumference of the stone, yet just peeking out and visible when you turn the ring ever so slightly. With a unique and precise upward and outward-facing angle, it allows the diamonds to catch the light and emphasize the edges of the stone, adding a little bit of extra width to the overall look. The result is a super elegant, refined solitaire look, with that extra bit of “je ne sais quoi”. While not directly adding size to the profile, it does have the visual effect of embellishing the center stone with added light, so this is also a great option for those wanting to enhance a center stone, without going for a full “halo” look.


Our Ali setting (top) and In-Love setting (bottom)

2, A reason to fall In-Love Setting.

While this look is sometimes known as a “halo” setting, we have named ours the In-Love setting, as our design is distinctly different from a traditional halo. Our designer, Douglas Elliott, was the first to design this setting in 2002, and what makes it so unique is the way it is structured, how it sits perfectly flush to a wedding band, and just how refined we’ve gotten the micro-pave. This ring put Marisa Perry on the map over 18 years ago – we were renowned for our super-thin bands and ultra-fine micro-pave, long before they were buzz words!

What Douglas did differently was using a precise angle to bounce light in such a way that it doesn’t look like ordinary small stones making a center stone look larger, but it actually forms a fine frame of light. Using stones less than a millimeter in size, and hand setting them, one at a time, under a microscope in the hands of our master setters, the results speak for themselves. Even clients who think they hate a halo are stopped in their tracks when they see ours, as it is without a shadow of a doubt, head and shoulders above the rest. If you love the traditional elegance of a halo setting, or you want to embellish a center stone’s size profile up to almost a carat in scale, the In-Love setting is a must see, and you will quickly notice the difference between a jeweler, and a master craftsman!


All 2 carat Diamonds, however, the bottom two take on the profile of a 3 carat in our In-Love setting.

3, Adding Dimension

A fantastic way to add to the overall look and dimension of a stone is to add stones on either side, in a three-stone or even five stone setting. This can be especially good for fuller fingers, as it ups the stone coverage and builds a wider profile.



The side stones can completely change the look and feel of the center stone, creating a more geometric, or feminine look depending, so you really can create and reinvent your look by exploring side stone options! We welcome you in at any time to explore your possibilities!


4, Retro-inspiration.

We have a full collection of vintage-inspired designs – looks that typically feature layers and tiers of detail, which naturally build up a look. Here are just a few examples of some of our more nostalgic designs, but we would love to walk you through some possibilities in person, so you can try on different aesthetics and see what works for you!

Call to make an appointment at 212 566 8977 or email us at [email protected], and we look forward to meeting you and walking you through all the styles and designs to find the one that lights you up!

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