Baby, Let Me Upgrade You…

November 16, 2022

Is it time?


An Engagement Ring is a very big decision – emotionally, creatively, and financially – and it’s possibly the most important piece of jewelry you’ll ever own! But it’s not uncommon, as you hit your 5 or 10 year anniversaries, to be in a bit of a different position than you were all those years ago, and feel ready to upgrade your ring to match!

It’s a symbolic statement of the growth, progress, and the journey you have made together as a couple, and a very exciting option that couples should be proud to do when the time comes!!

The amazing thing about investing in high quality natural diamonds and precious metals, is that it is exactly that – an investment – and an investment that holds value!

So if you are curious and thinking about an upgrade, we’re making it incredibly easy for you, and will help you leverage your existing piece, achieve the best trade in value for it, and – as always – have a lot of fun in the process!

We have created an upgrade program to make it super simple and help you explore options comfortably – without the traditional haggle and hustle associated with a trade up!



So, how to?!

Step One: Schedule an appointment! It’s the best way to start, requires no obligation or commitment (if you decide to stick with your existing ring that’s totally fine!), and is the best way to learn more about the market and what’s possible, as well as scope out other setting styles and designs you might like to consider.

Step Two: Gather any paperwork! If your original ring was bought through us, we will be able to obtain your GIA certificate, but any paperwork you have – GIA certs and appraisals – is helpful if you can bring them with you.

Step Three: Dare to dream! We will deliver an excellent trade in value on your existing stone, and use that against your search for your next! We curate a range of supersize-me’d stones, leveraging color and clarity much like you probably did the first time round, and you get to see what matters to you and what doesn’t, and how much bigger and better you want to go!



It’s that simple, and we make it that easy.

There is no obligation, just possibility, so set up a consultation today to talk through your options!

Call us! 212 566 8977 or email us: [email protected] – We look forward to helping you!

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