A Story In Ruby Ring | TER


For the woman who seeks her own path. A story in ruby is a perfectly imperfect, irregular ramble, featuring princess-cut, rich, red rubies in a variety of sizes. Rebel-set and cast in place, every piece is handmade to order and no two are ever the same. Not made from a mold or model, but free-hand set for this contemporary, turbulent and extraordinary design.

Elegant, refined but bold and unconventional, this story is quintessential to TER’s defining ethos; a life well-lived, women unafraid to venture off the beaten path, and appreciation of all the ways in which life doesn’t color within the lines.

Shown with 9 Natural Princess Cut Rubies, cast in 14k yellow gold. Made to order, handmade in NYC. Each ring will feature between 9-11 stones, depending on whatever the piece asks for. Something’s need to be left to chance in this life.

Ships In: This piece is custom made and will take 3-5 weeks to create. Item will ship upon completion. Please email [email protected] for any special custom requests regarding this item.